There are basic policy decisions required for the construction of an operation theatredepartment and it is imperative that a high standard of discipline be maintained to minim ise the incidence of infection and cross-infection.

In order to determ ine this, the hospital department has been divided into zones as given bellow:

1. Protective Zone: The protective zone is the entrance area for patients, staff and supplies where normal hospital standards of cleanlines apply and where normal everyday clothes can be worn.

2. Clean Zone: In order to pass between the protective zone and the clean zone everything must undergo a system of transfer. This is the main area of the department and all patients, staff and supplies must be clean. A strict cleaning routine applies and everybody must undergo a complete changing routine to enter.

3. Aseptic Zone: The aseptic zone is the inner area where conditions are as near sterile as possible. It applies to two rooms in each suite: the theatre and the theatre supply room. All staff who might handle exposed instruments must be scrubbed and gowned.

4. Disposable Zone: In the disposable zone all exposed instruments (used or unused), pathological specimens, lotions, suction jars and soiled linen are passed from the theatre to a disposal corridor and returned for cleaning, sterilising or any other necessary process.

Any hospital which has been a large operating department also has a great deal of traffic,to preserve the departmental character, a control system must be imposed over all people entering or leaving the hospital.

  • In accordance with the customer preferences it can be provided in different antibacterial colours.
  • The juncture of wall and ceiling and any screw heads are filled with special filler and a radius is provided to all the comers to ensure it is easy to clean and keep hygienic.
  • The walls are constructed using special composite wallboard panels.
  • The floor of the Operating Theatre is finished with Static Conductive PVC.
  • The Doors are Semi Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors
  • Air flow inside the Operation Theatre is provided by a Downward Laminar Flow System.
  • A Stainless Steel wail mounted Storage Cabinet is provided within the Operation Theatre

DESCRIPTION: Special composite Operation Theatre Wall Panels are resistant against Moisture, Sound, Fire, High Load Bearing, and Impact.

WALLS (WALLS PANELS): The steel profiles with the dimensions of 75 x 50 x 0.6 mm are fixed to ceiling and floor so that constitute the operation room profile.

One another profile with the dimension of 75 x 50 x 0.6 mm is installed over vertical with 600 mm distance between the floor and ceiling profile, then they are fixed to the steel profile at the floor.

The wall frame and rails are now constructed.

MTB cellulose fiber reinforce covered plates in the dimension of 1220 x 2440 mm and 12.5 thickness are fixed to the steel wall frame.

During the fixing procedure of the wall panels, special MTB fixing screws are used.Screwing procedure stars at a distance of 10 mm from the covers and ends with each 250 mm distance.

The juncture between all of the plates and screw heads are filled with a special MTB filler.

The specs which the wall panels comply with are as below;

A fire resistance about “class 0” F60,Relative Humidity durability up to 80% Rh,Impact Resistant,Sound Insulating,High Load Bearing 50 kg from toggle bolt.

The wall must be left for 24 hours for drying of the filled joints.

After 24 hours any excess filler is removed from the walls.

The surface is hand finished to provide a smooth surface with all radius in the corners carefully finished.

CEILINGS: The construction of the ceilings is similar to the construction of the walls.

The difference is just that the ceiling must be supported by the building structure (structural ceiling).

Like the wall construction all of the joints and screw heads must be filled in with special filling material and all of the corners must be rounded..


The Medical Gas Pipeline System Installation is provided by half hard, seamless copper pipes which doesn’t contains sany arsenic and are cleaned for medical use.The copper pipes are delivered to the operation room area in plastic bags; the ends of the pipes are capped. Connections to the copper pipes are done by silver welder electrode without using flux. During welding an inert gas is passed through the copper pipes within the installation to ensure there is no internal oxidation is kept. All of the copper pipes. fittings, clamps and installation personal and assembly conforms to HTM 2022 and EN 737 Standards.


The biologic efficiency of the anti bacterial painting finish provides for minimum of 10 years ability to prevent mildew,bacteria and blight.

In consequence of independent tests by prominent universities has proved that the LP Hygienic paints includes MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) resistant pathogen mixtures.

The LP Hygienic paint is also resistant to other pathogens which are in the hospital area and listed below:

Acinetobacter sp, Aerobacteraerogenes, Bacillus subtilis (ve diğer Bacillus sp), Enterobacteraerogenes, Escherichia Coli, Listeria Mozocytogenes, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Pseudomanas putida, Salmonella Typhimurium,Serratia Maercescens, Staphylococcus aureus.

The Anti Bacterial hygienic paint is resistant against abrasive and diluted acid and also alkali’s which are in detergents etc.


The Operation Theatre Cupboards are made from stainless steel. The shelves inside the cupboards can be adjusting suit to the required dimensions and distances. The usual size standards of Medimaster Operation Theatre Cupboards are 180x90x30 cm, but this is variable.
Generally is the shelf quantity inside the cupboard 4, but this can also be changed suit to the required shelf size.

Operation Theatre cupboard is built in to the wall and the covers are made from glass material which is resistant against temperature and hits. Because of this the glass covers are very stabile and resistant.

 PVC floorings are the most hygienic, longevity and as well as the most easy to clean and maintain flooring systems.

In the Modular Operation Theatre are homogenizes conductive, anti static and anti bacterial PVC Floorings used. On the Homogenizes conductive, anti static and anti bacterial PVC Floorings are PUR laminas or polishers which are saturated with special methods. Color is selected in accordance with the wall color from RAL catalogue.




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