Automatic mechanism, sliding door, available in a wide range of attractive, compact laminate finishes, or optional stainless steel facing.

* It can be produces as one side sliding door and as folding door

* All of the door functions and settings can be done via digital selector.

* In a case of a failure the place of the failure is seen from the selector.

* The opening can be set adjustable as quick or slow. The closing is very easy and softly.

* On demand the sliding door can be tapped to the central computer system, fire denouncement system or card carrying transit system.

* Rails are stainless steel or aluminium based

* At the moveable and stabile wins are compact laminate finishes used. The finishes are surfaced with intended colour and trademark laminate.

* Aluminium Profiles can be finished in any RAL colour or extruded suit to the request.

* Doors have twin glazed observation windows in a dimension of 300mmx500mm and in a thickness of 4 mm.

* Exact tightness with closing of the door.

* During closing the door if someone / something is between the door, it is regressing and till this disincentive is disappearance it does not close.

* It is fit with lockable system suit to automatic or manual use.

* Opening of the sliding door can be done via opening system which assembled over the door or to the door near the hand (Code push button, sensor, button, radar, hand touch sensor, card carrying system etc)

*  By power failure the door can be open itself or it can be opened also manual.

* On the digital selector where whole adjustments can be done are the functions as “locked”, “automatic” “open”, one side exit” etc.

* Opening time of the sliding door is between 0 and 30 seconds. The speed of the wing opening and closing can adjust digital.

* If requested the door can be also opened via remote control.

* The door wings are furnished with a system which is preventing the derailment against hits.

It is guaranteed for two years. Spare Parts and maintenance is done for 10 years against mercenary.




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