A Nurse Call System is used to provide necessary communication between nurse and patient when patient needs assistance or some help.
The Nurse Call System is a centralized system and there are two types of system : electronic and computer integrated.

Nurse Call System NCS 2010 supplies the possibility to trace from which room and from which bed the call is coming audovisually on the monitor.
One can see the date and hour the call was done on the monitor and when the nurse has exactly responded to the call. The nurse will directly be in contact with the patient . Also the nurse is able to check the patient’s medical data. The sound effects in the Nurse Call System can be changed by the user. In the Nurse Control Room there are 7 call types : Emergency Call, Nurse Call, WC Call, Personal Call, Telephone Call, Nurse in the Room Call and Disconnection Reports. From the computer in the Nurse Call Room from which room the calling is coming can be seen.
Also the over door lamps of the Room gives visual signals according to the call. On the computer screen are the locations of the departments, room numbers, bed placements, audiovisual call types. It has the property to show all the calls from all beds and rooms


It is a unit located and connected on Bed Head Unit for patient use and made of ABS plastic. 


On the unit there are Emergency Call, Call Cancel and Up & Down light control buttons. By pushing on the emergency call button, the nurse station unit, the Emergency Call signal and over door lights are activated simultaneously. 

 It is used to light Nurse and control lights available on the Bed Head Unit, and also, optionally according to the request, additional services may be added to the Handset TV and Sound Control). The Button below the Emergency Call button is used to cancel the emergency call and other Calls initiated by Patient. Buttons on the left and right hand site of the unit are used to control up & down lights (Indirect & reading light)

It is over the door of the patient room enters. If there is a call from any types, it is used to show that the nurse is in the room by the over door lamp and console

With push off the cancel button the call will be deactivate.


The unit is located to the entry of the patient room over the door. There are two types of over door light, 2 lamps and 3 lamps. There are with 2 lamps Indicates green and red other are indicates red, yellow and green calls.


1- Nurse Call Button:

Patient pushes the NC button on the Handset to call the nurse and actives it. With call cancel the call will be deactivate.

2- Personal Call Button:

Patient pushes the NC button on the Handset to call the nurse and actives it. With call cancel the call will be

3- WC Button:

It is used to indicate an emergency call while the patient is in bathroom. By pushing call cancel button the signal can be

4- Nurse in the Room Botton:

It is located to the entry of the patient room and used to indicate to the others that Nurse has already attended to the Room which Call is initiated by indicators in the nurse station and over the door. By pushing call cancel button

5-Emergency Call and Cancel Button

With press of the large button on the unit the emergency call is active. In the Emergency call and Nurse Service and with the over door emergency call signals it is active. With the upon cancel button the call is canceled

6- Phone Call Button

In emergencies the nurse pushes the button to call the doctor. By pushing call cancel button

7- Disconnected Signal Call:

With the put out of the Handset from RJ 45 Socket this signal shows that the handset hasn't any connection. After substitute of the Handset the call is canceled.



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