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Medical Air Plants are used to supply medical quality air for Respiration and Surgical needs. Medical and Surgical Air are used generally in Operation Theaters, Intensive and Coronary Care Units , Delivery, Neonatal and Emergency Departments.
Medical Air Plants are built in accordance to HTM 2022, C11, EN 1441:1997, EN 737 Standards with manufacturer Quality scheme to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2001 and EN 46001:1997 and can be CE marked according to Medical Device Directive 93/42 - EEC Capacity and types of Medical Air Plants are determined according to the calculations and requirements of HTM 2022 and EN 737 flow demands. Electrical Requirement for Medical Air Plants are 380V - 50/60 Hz depending on the system that the country uses.All internal Electrical wiring and cable connections are in accordance to IEE wiring regulations.

The Medical Air 4 bar Plant is especially used in applications related with respiration and in ventilation fans which operate with air. 
Surgical Air 7 Bar is used for the operation of the surgical equipments which are used in operation theatres. 
The applied process in the Medical Air Plants is outlined as below;
The air taken in by the compressor will be compressed up to 10 bars and kept on this pressure in an air receiver.

The air coming out of the Air Receiver first passes through particle and water catcher filters and enters the drier.The dried air passes through the air filter group to be disposed of oil,humidity,particle,dust and other foreign matters to yield the required quality of medical air.
The purified air at 7-9,5 bars pressure is reduced to 4 or 7 bars pressure or both in the regulation group according to demand and supplied to the air network of the hospital.



Medical Air Plant Main Parts:

1-) Air Compressors
2-) Heatless Desiccant Duplex Dryer 
3-) Electrical Control Panel including Alarm Systems
4-) 4 bar and 7 bar Regulation Group
5-) Filter Group, Oil, Odor, Bacteria and Sterile Filters Group
6-) Pressed Air Receiver
7-) Connection Equipment between units


Atlas Copco Air compressors are used in Medical Air Plants to supply compressed air. The compressor which takes the purified air in, sends it to the Air Receiver at the required pressure. The compressors are generally oil type or oil free type;capacities vary from 2,1 1/s.(126 lpm) to 31.7 1/s(1902 lpm).Power consumptions are in a range of 1,5 KW to 15 KW,and there are types with or without silencers. 
Besides the types mentioned above,there are oil lubricated screw type comlpressors to be used in hospitals which require high capacity. Their capacities will be in a range of 8 l/sec (480 Ipm) to 222 l/sec (13320 Ipm) at 10 bar pressure with a power consumption of 7,5 kW to 75 Kw.


The water vapor in the compressed air will be removed by dryer to the required level of Dryness according to HTM 2022 and C11. The Drier works chemically and not by electricity. The electricity is required only for the operation of solenoid valves. The main material used in the Drier cylinder is Active Alumina. Dryer will activate Alumina in its drying Columns to provide heatless, desiccant type air. In case of Electricity cut-off both columns will work to provide continuity of air. Dryer has two columns filled with Active Alumina which has a high absorption and discharge capability of water vapor from environment. The Drier works according to regeneration system.When one column is in drying process depending upon environment, 10-15 % of dry air is passed through regeneration column to dry the Active Alumina. 
Models with 50-100-150 & 200 m ³/ h are available. Depending upon the capacity of the Plant, it is either duplex or simplex.


Electric control panel PCP 4M is designed to control the plant with max. 4 compressors (this can be more or less) and operate and protect electrical system with the help of the over flow relay, short circuit and high pressure relays. Compressor can be operated or stopped individually according to the required demand. Air Receiver pressure is shown on the panel digitally as well as compressor on and off pressures which can be programmed from this panel. Leading compressor selection can also be programmed through.

This panel dayly. Panel will also show, on off and Fault conditions of each compressor separately. Panel will allow operating Medical Air Plant in Manual mode through built in Pressure switches, in case of any fault on Pressure Transducer or electronic control. In case of a system disturbance, it can also be set up manually. Humidity, temperature, pressure and Dew Point (DP) is also indicated on the panel. Medical Air Plant can be equipped with DP Sensors (Optional).


While supplying compressed air, dryers and filters protect the system and the other equipments against pollution. Bearing 140 million different kinds of pollution, the dirty air in the industrial areas create risks for the air systems. All of these pollution are accumulated in the condensate fluid in the pipeline system and form a corrosive mix,which increases the danger of causing hasard to the equipments and pollute the air received by patients.The mission of the filtration group is very important to eliminate this risk. 

It is especially given in hospitals with ISO 8573 Class 1.3.1 standardization.Compressed air after dryer will still have some particles, dirt, oil and other materials remaining. To obtain medical grade respirable air, filtration group contain dust filter, oil filter and bacterial filters to make air quality conforming to ISO 8573 Class 1.2.1 and also to comply fully with HTM 2022.


After drying process, dry air reaches to the pressure regulation assembly and pressure of the air adjusted to the required pressure level. 
4 Bar compressed air is used in ICU, CCU, Operation Theaters and Emergency Areas and for driving of some medical equipment. 
7 Bar air is used basically for Surgical Purposes in Operation Theaters and Plaster Rooms.


Air receivers are made of steel and covered by enamel paints. 
Receivers are manufactured according to the BS 5169 and tested in accordance with the procedures defined in the standard. 
Capacity of the receivers vary from 10Olt. to 3000 lt. and are half of the hospital's air demand that is calculated according to HTM 2022.


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