Medical Alarm Panels are used to monitor pipeline pressure or plants status 24 hours and give audio and visual alarms in the case of faulty situation. It is designed for monitoring 2-3-4-5 gases. MAS300-500 & ERY 5000 to produce two different models. Ery 5000 model alarm panel connected to a computer in the network remotely via the Internet or have features that can provide intervention.


MAS300 & MAS500 as two different types are produced. MAS 300 is used for sections 2 and 3 gas. MAS500 sections 4 and 5 are used for gas. Alarm panel, high pressure and low pressure over the normal-light LEDs indicate alarm conditions and gives a voice warning. The Mute button on the warning panel audio compression is interrupted for 15 minutes.

Unless intervention begins to give warning at the end of the period. V/50-60 220 -240 Hz supply voltage.


Full-duplex RS485 microcontroller-controlled systems and communication mode supports communication. According to media pressure and vacuum sensors to the alarm panel is connected. Microcontroller reads the sensors and to evaluate the values of the respective values on the interface to show. The perceived value of gas pressure is set (in memory) values go out of state to give a voice and visual alerts, the priority value of gas pressure in gas lines The display will appear as one to one.

Interface portion of the keypad, display and create tabular leds are listed. The alarm panels, events, tests, failure information and line of gas pressure on the key, and LED display can be viewed as a visual aid. The keypad on the block with the aid of a gas can select, address, calibrated, such as low and high pressure settings can be easily seen and adjustable (can be memorized).

Establishing a network system, alarm panel via CAT6 cable to connect to a computer can be observed from one point all alarm panels. May interfere with the computer via the alarm panel.


Master Alarm Panel from a remote central point of the visual and sensory state information to be viewed as an alarm system which is controlled micro-controller. Status of all power plants in central and remote locations to collect.

Plant according to HTM 2022 standard error of the pressure (Normal, Low Reserve, Cylinder Empty , Pump is Defective, Faulty Compressor, etc..), Such as visual tracking, provides status information. On plants with an unwanted condition occurs, an audible alert will warn the user. Master alarm panels to be easily accessible to technical staff, as well as visual and audible alarms can be easily be seen as technicians room or telephone switchboard is installed in the rooms.


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